We enable airlines and aircraft lessors
to achieve perfect fit component support

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To all airlines and aircraft lessors:

AirContract enables you to improve / purchase perfect fit component support.

AirContract creates fierce competition in tendering by best-in-class tools and masters the contracting.

Savings are typically
in the range of
millions of USD or EUR
per contract.

Unhappy with an existing contract?

High Class Improvement

New concept or tender needed?

High Class Contracting

High Class Improvement

for existing supply agreements

Boost the performance of unsatisfactory supply agreements!

Gain control. Get the performance. Be prepared to exit.


We make the most out of your contract!

We boost the performance of unsatisfactory supply agreements in five steps.

  1. Deep dive
    2 weeks

    1. Deep dive into the contract(s), spare arrangements and inhouse repairs

    We examine contract terms, related operational problems, actual performance and real cost of contracts.

  2. Evaluation
    1 month

    2. Evaluation of needs, performance and cost

    We evaluate operational needs vs. contract obligations, contract obligations vs. actual performance and real cost of contract vs. market value.

  3. KPI
    2 months

    3. Implementation of a critical-to-quality KPI system

    The KPI system considers fulfillment performance, repair quality performance, engineering quality performance and appropriate improvement measures.

  4. Targets
    2 weeks

    4. Clear definition of KPI targets and breach threshold

    We define escalation process for underperformance and red line performance threshold.

  5. Culture
    1 month

    5. Implementation of an appropriate review and challenge culture

    The plan includes regular continuous improvement on critical-to-quality KPIs, on-demand contract amendments and monitoring of red line performance threshold.

  6. Done

High Class Contracting

for new supply agreements to be tendered

Master tendering and contracting of new supply agreements!

Tender your concept. Master decisions. Implement excellence.


We make fierce competition happen!

We master your supply concept to become performing reality in six steps.

  1. Evaluation
    2 months

    1. Evaluation of the best component support solution

    We consider your current contracts, stock of spares, fleet plans, operations profile, philosophy of spare capital spendings and operational expectations to create a Product and scope recommendation for CFT.

  2. Scope
    1 month

    2. Precise shaping of the request for proposal documents

    To ensure different suppliers are proposing their support at a comparable way, we describe the scope of the service including requirements, conditions and arrangements.

  3. Bidding
    2-4 months

    3. Running the bidding process, shortlisting and selecting the winner

    The process includes inviting the bidders, sending the bidding request documents and running bidding negotiations eventually leading to the selection of the winner. Several bidding rounds lead to lower prices.

  4. Negotiation
    2 months

    4. Negotiation support to disclose the final agreement

    The contract is more complex than normally due to e.g. both parties having responsibilities and the fleet and airline needs evolving during the contract.

  5. Manual
    1 month

    5. Creation support of the joint procedure manual

    The manual includes practical instructions between the parties to implement the agreement, normally requested by the auditors.

  6. Operations
    2 months

    6. Consulting in all means of implementing stable operations

    By participating to the process, your people will learn best practises how to arrange and negotiate the fleet spare component availability and repair.

  7. Done




We tell you who offers your specific need in the component business, based on our long experience in working with/at component MROs, OEMs and other sources


A350, A320, ...

Technical in-depth know-how of Airbus A350, A340, A330, A320 family, Boeing B757, MD11, MD80, DC10, DC9, Embraer E170/190, ATR72/42, including component engineering experience



Knowledge of aviation authority requirements


45 years

45 years of working experience in major airlines, 25 years of working experience in major component maintenance providers

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Mikko Koskentalo

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Eike Pauli

Managing Director
Aircraft engineer
10 years in aerospace & component MRO
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